Gymnastics Canada faces class-action lawsuit over alleged abuse

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More than a dozen former Canadian gymnasts have launched a class-action lawsuit claiming lasting physical and psychological damages suffered over many years.

Amelia Cline is the named plaintiff and there are as many as 20 class members so far.

The athletes are suing Gymnastics Canada and provincial governing bodies in B.C., Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan.

Cline was coached by Vladimir and Svetlana Lashin at Omega Gymnastics Sports Centre in Coquitlam, B.C.

Legal documents allege that Cline, as a result of the abuse she was subjected to during training, continues to suffer from numerous physical and psychological harm and injuries.

According to the lawsuit, they include a training-induced seizure, ongoing back and neck injuries and chronic pain, a hamstring avulsion fracture, fractures in a hand, wrist, fingers and toes, chronic knee pain, disordered eating, stunted growth, anxiety, insomnia and nightmares.