Gyms in Niagara prepare to reopen tomorrow

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People longing for a workout will be able to hit the gym again starting tomorrow.

As the province enters Stage 3 of the Reopening Plan, fitness facilities will be allowed to reopen to 50 percent capacity with social distancing policies in place.

John Fulton of Fulton Fitness in St. Catharines says gym-goers will notice some changes, including screening at the door and masking requirements.

"We require a mask at the club. Some clubs are allowing members to just wear a mask between machines, but we have a rule where you must be wearing a mask at all times."

He says the gym will face some challenges as people continue to work from home. "The challenge for us is most of our business comes from office workers and students. And that's for a large part of the city. St. Catharines is a university town so we rely on the students. Kind of waiting to see what Brock's going to do in September."

Brock University representatives have said they are preparing for a 'significant return to on-campus instruction' this fall.

The rise of the home-gym during the pandemic may also slow down memberships, but Fulton believes being surrounded by other like-minded people can add a little extra push to a workout.