Halton man details his journey back after severe memory loss


Can you imagine getting into an accident and waking up 7 days later with no memory?

A Georgetown man, Jonathan McMurray has written a book entitled "Mind the Gap', detailing his recovery from severe memory loss after a car crash in 1995 as he and friends were driving back to Acadia University in Nova Scotia.

McMurray tells CKTB's Tim Denis after waking from from a coma he couldn't remember his past, nor how to speak or walk.

He says just days before the crash, he had been working at a vegetable market, but when he woke up he couldn't name a fruit or vegetable even though he was stocking them a few days prior.

But McMurray tells us the one thing he could remember was the words to songs, which helped him regain his vocabulary.

The married father of two says he still has no memories of his childhood.

'Mind the Gap' is available on his website at http://www.jonathanmcmurray.com/