Hamilton and Ottawa exotic animal rescue facing closure due to pandemic

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One of Canada's largest exotic animal rescues may have to close down due to the financial strain of the pandemic.

Paul 'Little Ray' Goulet says he is facing closure of both the Hamilton and Ottawa locations of Little Ray's Nature Centre as the pandemic drags on.

Last month the organization put out a call for help, saying the second wave of lockdown had put them in a 'catastrophic position.'

The post on Facebook states Little Ray's needs to raise $840,000 to house, feed, and vet the animals and stay alive until December of 2021.

Goulet says the organization has borrowed more than $915,000 to cover the cost of the facilities and he says there is a limit to how much they can continue to borrow.

A GoFundMe campaign has raised just over $211,595 and over 100 thousand bottles came in through a bottle drive last month.

Little Ray's is home to hundreds of animals including sloths, snakes, skunks, and many other species.

It operates as both a rescue zoo and a travelling educational show at museums and festivals.