Health Canada announces recall of 18 more hand sanitizers

CKTB - NEWS - Hand sanitizer

Health Canada is recalling more hand sanitizers over ingredient and labelling concerns.

The latest update includes 18 more sanitizers that do not meet Health Canada requirements.

Some of the sanitizers may include ingredients not approved for use within the country or may contain impurities.

Products may also be improperly labelled or have not received approval for sale in Canada.

Canadians are encouraged to stop using the products immediately.

Throughout the pandemic Health Canada has issued warnings and recalls for several types of hand sanitizers.

The latest additions include:

  •  Aerochem Liquid Hand Cleaner 70% Alcohol
  •  Bio-Odeur
  •  Defenz
  •  Gigi's Goodbye Germs Hand Sanitizer
  •  JP Wiser's Distillery
  •  KeraSpa
  •  Natural Concepts Sanitizing Gel
  •  Peak Processing Solutions - Ethanol sanitizer 80%
  •  Preference Pre-Quat Sanitizer
  •  Premium Hand Gel Sanitizer
  •  Premium Hand Sanitizer
  •  Puricia
  •  Safe-Guard Product Canada Hand Sanitizer
  •  Salon Solution Waterless Hand Wash
  •  SunnaPure Hand Sanitizer Spray
  •  T-1000
  •  TerraPure Hand Sanitizer
  •  Umbrell (60 mL format)

The full list of recalled hand sanitizers can be found on Health Canada's website.

A list of previously recalled hand sanitizers is also available.