Health care and Doug Ford dominate final Ontario Liberal leadership debate

crombie 2

Health care and taking down Premier Doug Ford were the issues dominating the final Ontario Liberal Party leadership debate.
The four candidates spent little time attacking each other during today's debate and instead focused on issues each say they heard over the past few months.
Perceived front-runner Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie says she would repeal a wage-limiting law placed on public sectors that has been blamed for staffing shortages in health care.
Current federal Liberal legislator Yasir Naqvi says he would focus on increasing the number of doctors and nurses while also implementing a publicly paid mental health system.
Nate Erskine-Smith says his first budget as premier would focus on health-care and housing because they are the most complex problems facing the province.
Ted Hsu says he would put his early energy into housing with a focus on providing financial incentives to build affordable homes.