Health Minister says study by York University proves lockdowns work


Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott says lockdowns are effective in curbing the spread of COVID-19.  

During a news conference today, Elliott was asked if the lockdowns in Peel region and Toronto are working as COVID-19 cases in those two areas are continuing to rise. 

Elliott cited a new study conducted by York University that has found the Ontario government's lockdowns in the first wave of the pandemic had a "positive effect" curbing the spread of the disease. 

"There was a report that was just released today, by York University that takes a look at what happens when you do these sorts of lockdowns, what kind of an effect does that have on reducing community transmission of COVID-19 and there is an impact and it does make a difference. It does help reduce the numbers it has helped to bend that curve that's what really need to do to make sure that we can have the hospital space the public health space in order to test, trace and contact manage all of the people that are coming down with COVID, so as difficult as it is,  there is certainly evidence now that these measures do produce the effect that we want to see which is reducing transmission." 

You can read more about the study done by York University here.