Hiker rescued after falling into Niagara River

CKTB - NEWS - Niagara River Rescue March 24 2020

Emergency responders were called to the Niagara Glen after a hiker fell into the river.

Niagara Parks Police, Niagara Falls Fire Department, Niagara Regional Police, and Niagara EMS were called out at 8 p.m. Tuesday night after a man became trapped on a rock in the lower Niagara River rapids.

When crews arrived, they found him standing 10 – 15 feet away from the shore.

He was safely brought to dry land by Niagara Falls Fire and then treated by EMS.

Niagara Parks Police officials say the man hiked off-trail to snap a picture at the river’s edge when he slipped into the water.

He was swept 30 feet away before he was able to pull himself onto a rock.