Hirji hopeful Niagara vaccines are coming soon

covid vaccine

As Niagara's COVID-19 case counts continue to rise, there is still no definitive date on when vaccines will arrive in the region. 

Niagara's top medical official Dr. Mustafa Hirji says the province is feeling pressure to get the vaccines out and he's hopeful Niagara will see some soon, but he cautions it won't be a lot. 

"The province I think has been feeling a lot of pressure over the past few days to get vaccines rolled out more quickly.  And I do observe, the greater Toronto/Hamilton area now has vaccine, so my hope is that we are not far behind and we'll be getting some very soon."

However, he cautions whatever vaccine we get,  will be a relatively small number. 

"We are going to be trying to target this to the places, like our long term care homes and retirement homes. So it's not going to be widely available to the greater public but it will hopefully save many lives in places most badly hit by COVID-19" 

Hirji says realistically the greater public in Niagara won't be seeing any vaccination opportunities until probably the summer or fall.