Hirji hopes there is no real threat against him

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Niagara's Acting Medical Officer of Health hopes there was no real threat against him.

Dr. Mustafa Hirji was the aim of a number of social media posts this week criticizing his recommendation that Niagara move to the 'Grey' zone on Tuesday.

Some of the posts called for him to resign, be fired, some even threatened physical harm against him.

Dr. Hirji tells CKTB that he is not taking those threats too seriously at this point. "Hopefully there actually wasn't any real intent here and this was just the usual opposition of people who were unhappy, and have a right to be unhappy I think." He adds that the Niagara Regional Police reached out to him to advise him that they are investigating, "Hopefully they will find that there is not too much of concern." 


Condemnation of the online conduct has been coming in from many in the medical field. Niagara Health President and Interim CEO Lynn Guerriero sent this statement to CKTB.

“The toll the COVID-19 pandemic has taken on Niagara has been devastating, and the pandemic is not over. 

Niagara Health’s staff and physicians have been on the front line since this highly contagious and deadly virus arrived in our region in March 2020.

Our team has worked closely with Acting Medical Officer of Health Dr. Mustafa Hirji and his team at Niagara Region Public Health throughout the pandemic. Caring for our patients and protecting the health and safety of Niagara residents is essential work. 

Threatening public health officials who are doing their jobs to keep us safe must be strongly condemned by our community and by provincial and municipal elected officials. This type of behaviour is unacceptable.“

This follows reaction that came in late yesterday from various political voices including the Prime Minister.

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Dr. Hirji notes that he supports the region moving into the 'Grey' zone as there are still a number of ongoing outbreaks across the region. However, it was not his decision to make even though he was consulted with the province. "We have seen in the past where I have argued for Niagara to re-open more quickly than the province has moved and that shows some of the limits of the influence my comments may have.  I don't know how that decision played out and how much my comments were weighed but I am sure it wasn't the only consideration."

Below is a thread Dr. Hirji tweeted regarding the situation.