Home of St. Catharines mayor targeted by vandals

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The Mayor of St. Catharines woke up to a deeply troubling sight this morning after his home was targeted by vandals overnight.

Mayor Walter Sendzik says he stepped outside to walk his dog and saw the spray paint marring his property.

"On the vinyl siding it has F words, it has 'corrupt,' both of my cars have pretty much been destroyed with tags, all down the sides, my fence has 'communist' on it. The whole front of my house is pretty much destroyed. Brand new front door has been painted over with the word 'commie' on it."

He says this is the most disappointed he's felt. 

It comes after St. Catharines federal Liberal candidate Chris Bittle reported his vehicle was sprayed with 'F U Liberal' while his family slept over the weekend.

Conservative candidate Krystina Waler expressed her disappointment in the act, adding her volunteers have been yelled at and she's been spit at.

Also running in St. Catharines is Trecia McLennon with the NDP, Catharine Rhodes with the Green Party and Rebecca Hahn with the People's Party.

Candidates across Niagara have reported their volunteers are being treated poorly, some even enduring racial slurs hurled against them.

During last night's council meeting Sendzik spoke out against the recent behaviour, calling for respectful discussions despite differences of political opinion.

"There's nothing respectful about this. Nothing. You hide behind swear words, you hide behind spray paint, but what is this going to do to further the discussion? Nothing."

Sendzik says there is a segment of the community that feels encouraged to continue with these acts.

"There's people who purport to represent certain groups that are inflaming this and I've been doing this six years - prior to this I was involved in politics working with different people and no one had to experience this. This is the first time that I've seen this kind of behaviour of this nature. It's concerning," he says. "The Niagara Regional Police will have to come by and take a look and document everything but...this is as disheartening as it gets. You don't get into this position to experience your house being defaced, your cars being defaced."