Hurricane Dorian keeps pounding north Bahamas


Hurricane Dorian's eye is crawling over the Bahamas' northernmost island, but residents are warned not to leave their shelters.    

The National Hurricane Center in Miami says Dorian's top sustained winds have further decreased to 275 kph. The Category 5's movement has slowed to a 4 kph crawl westward. 

A clear picture of the damage the storm is causing has yet to emerge, but officials say many island residents will be left homeless.   

The 3 a.m. Sunday advisory warns residents on Grand Bahama to remain in their shelters as the eye passes over, as winds will rapidly pick back up once the eye moves.    

Residents of the islands where the hurricane first hit are also advised to remain in their shelters until conditions improve later Monday.    

The centre of the storm is around 65 kilometres east of Grand Bahama's largest city, Freeport. It's also around 200 kilometres east of West Palm Beach, Florida