'I would have a hard time believing it didn't have asbestos in it' St. Catharines Councillor

gm tower clear

"I would have a hard time believing it didn't have asbestos in it."

Concerns are being raised by community members and elected officials following the demolition of the old GM smoke stack on Ontario Street in St. Catharines.

The landmark was brought down on Friday as crews continue to clean up the property.

Councillor Karrie Porter tells CKTB it was shock to all city workers, as there was no permit to bring it down.

"There's an open permit on the site, which is existing, but things like the smoke stack and the other buildings require a new demolition permit. Everybody was clear on that."

"Have a conversation with the community about it. The community would understand, if it had to come down for whatever reason, we would understand, but there's wasn't a conversation or permit and we don't know what was in the smoke stack."

Most of the stack fell to the ground in the demolition, and a puff of smoke rose from the remaining structure.

"Because it burns Lord knows what inside, and I would have a hard time believing it doesn't have asbestos in it. The demolition would have needed to have approval from other levels of government."

There had been some interest in restoring the stack and keeping it as a focal point in the city.

Click here to listen to the full interview with Councillor Porter. 

The building department at the city is investigating. The Ministry has also been contacted.

CKTB's Matt Holmes also spoke to MPP Stevens on the issue. She says it was an irresponsible move on behalf of the landowner.