Integrity commissioner dismisses complaint against mayor of St. Catharines

walter sendzik

St. Catharines' integrity commissioner has found that the mayor did not run afoul of the code of conduct while speaking about a council decision to reject a CIP application.

Back in November, council voted against reopening the debate into a Community Improvement Plan application from the developer behind the Port Dalhousie Harbour Club at the former Lincoln Fabrics building.

Mayor Walter Sendzik apologized to the developer during the meeting for what he called, 'an unfortunate decision of council.'

Following the decision, Mayor Walter Sendzik appeared with Tom McConnell on CKTB saying, "It was unfortunate Tom, because I think it leaves more questions in the community than answers. And that's always a dangerous place to be."

A report from Integrity Commissioner John Mascarin included in Monday's general meeting agenda shows a formal complaint was issued on November 21st.

The report finds the mayor did not contravene the code of conduct, and dismisses the complaint with Mascarin writing, "The Mayor’s comments are not at all disrespectful. He does not misrepresent Council’s decision nor disrespect the decision-making process."

The investigation will cost the city more than $4,800.