Integrity commissioner investigation finds West Lincoln mayor broke code of conduct three times

CKTB - News - Dave Bylsma

An Integrity Commissioner investigation has found West Lincoln Mayor Dave Bylsma broke the code of conduct three times.

The investigation was launched after a CKTB interview during the summer when the Pride Flag was not flown in the township.

During the discussion, Bylsma made several comments including "...what are they still fighting for" and claiming that he would be the one holding an 'all lives matter' sign during a Black Lives Matter rally.

The first infraction regards failing to 'serve his constituents diligently' when he did not follow up on emails requesting the Pride Flag be flown.

Secondly, the integrity commissioner writes Bylsma's comments failed to respect the individual rights, values, and beliefs of other persons.

And lastly, the integrity commissioner found the 'all lives matter' comment to be discriminatory because it denies or dismisses racial injustice.

The report recommends a reprimand by council and suggests any further contraventions should result in more severe consequences.

The Integrity Commissioner also recommends sensitivity training.

The commissioner says a previous apology by the mayor needs to be available to the public, but Bylsma does not need to make another apology.

The full CKTB interview between Bylsma and host Matt Holmes can be found online.