It's ridiculous and I'm tired of anti-maskers: Ford on Niagara's top doctor getting harassed

ford noiv 18

Ontario Premier Doug Ford says it's ridiculous that people are harassing Niagara's acting Medical Officer of Health.

Ford says he is more than tired of these 'anti-maskers' who aren't following the rules.

Dr. Mustafa Hirji used Section 22 to put new dining rules into effect in Niagara last Friday.

The rules limit dining to members of the same household and essential caregivers.

Since then, Dr. Hirji has been harassed online, been subject to a petition calling for his firing, and his phone number has been circulated online.

A meeting will be held this afternoon for Niagara Regional Councillors to talk to Dr. Hirji about the rules.

Ontario's Health Minister Christine Elliott commented on our local situation today saying that Dr. Hirji is doing his job and trying to protect the people of Niagara.

Premier Ford asked if people would harass their own doctor.