'It's time to end the pit bull ban' Lincoln County Humane Society's Executive Director

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The Executive Director of the Lincoln County Humane Society in St.Catharines says it's time to end the ban on pit bulls.

The Ontario government is considering all its options with regards to the Dog Owners' Liability Act which includes a ban on the breed.

Rick Nicholls, the MPP for Chatham Kent, is planning to introduce a private member's bill to lift the ban this fall.

Kevin Strooband with the LCHS doesn't believe in breed-specific bans, and believes the legislation should end.

He says he is glad this conversation is coming back up since they currently have to fly any pit bulls turned over to the LCHS out of Niagara to other provinces without a ban.

Strooband says that's a big expense.

He says while they have responded to calls about pit bulls attacks, overall they get more calls about attacks by cross breeds, because there are more of them.

Strooband says every breed has a nasty side, and we shouldn't paint them all with the same brush.

Opponents of the legislation, brought in by the former Liberal government, argue it unfairly puts blame on the breed for dangerous behaviour and not the owner.