Joe Biden is poised to win the White House


Democrat Joe Biden is now leading U-S President Donald Trump in both Georgia and Pennsylvania.  

The President is continuing to make false claims that the election is rigged and that illegal votes are being counted. 

Philadelphia played a pivotal role in helping Biden take the lead in the presidential race. 

Officials in that city say they have about 40-thousand ballots left to be counted.  

The ballots fall into one of three categories and it may take a few days to complete the count.  

Biden continues to lead in Georgia, Nevada and Arizona.

Arizona state officials say they have  about 250,000 votes still to be counted. 

Biden has a 1.4 percentage point lead over Trump, an advantage of about 43,779 votes. 

Other news agencies have already declared Biden the winner in that state which carries 11 electoral college votes. 

The next update from elections officials in Arizona is expected around 9 p.m. EST tonight.