Kraun Electric joins growing list of living wage employers

CKTB- NEWS - Kraun Electric Certified Living Wage

Another business in Niagara is stepping up to the plate to offer a Certified Living Wage.

Kraun Electric will be guaranteeing a wage of at least $17.99 for all employees, including part time and contract workers.

The electrical contractor has been part of the community since 1996 and currently boasts 60 full time staff members.

"At Kraun, we’ve been looking at ways to better invest in our community. We are proud to be earning our living wage certification and we hope that other employers will follow suit. It’s one way we can contribute to ending poverty in Niagara. We are excited to partner with the Ontario Living Wage Network as they endeavor to improve living conditions in the community that Kraun staff live, work and play," says Co-owner of Kraun Electric Inc. Kelly Braun via a release.

According to the Niagara Poverty Reduction Network, a certified living wage represents the hourly wage needed to actually live in Niagara.

Currently, Ontario's minimum wage sits at $14 per hour.