LCBO asking customers in areas where masks are mandatory to cover up


The LCBO is asking residents in areas where masks are mandatory, to cover up.

A letter was sent out today asking anyone visiting an LCBO store in regions where face coverings are, or become, mandatory will need to do so, unless exceptions apply. 

The LCBO says it will not be making masks available for customer use.

A mandatory mask by-law is currently being drafted for the city of St. Catharines and Niagara Regional Council will meet tomorrow to discuss a region-wide mandate.

Here is the letter:

As the province continues its measured approach to reopening, and as the LCBO takes gradual steps to adapt our operations, we all have a role to play in making sure we move forward keeping safety first.

Public health officials and municipalities across several regions are introducing by-laws or orders that make face coverings mandatory in-line and inside retail stores.

We take our duty as a responsible retailer seriously, which includes our obligation to act in accordance with any municipal by-laws of the communities in which we operate. We also take seriously our accountability to the people of Ontario, especially in times of crisis. So, we are asking for your cooperation.
Anyone visiting an LCBO store in regions where face coverings are, or become, mandatory will need to do so, unless exceptions apply. The LCBO will not be making masks available for customer use, so please familiarize yourself with appropriate options prior to visiting us.
Our customers have demonstrated incredible support and understanding throughout COVID-19 and we are confident that this will be no exception. Your continued efforts to be respectful of the protocols we have put in place help tremendously.

We remain committed to providing a safe shopping experience for our customers and a safe working environment for our employees, so, even if you are in a region where face coverings are not mandatory, please consider wearing a face covering when entering your local LCBO. In addition, we ask that you plan ahead, shop alone, follow physical distancing guidance, pay with debit or credit as much as possible, pack your own reusable bags, and make alternate shopping arrangements if you are ill or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

Most importantly, please continue to extend kindness, respect, and patience to your local store staff, security, and fellow shoppers.

LCBO continues to offer additional shopping options, including ship-to-store and Same-Day Pickup, which today is offered in over 110 stores with separate lines for pickup. For home delivery, customers will have to follow pickup directions provided by Canada Post.

It is wonderful to be able to resume some of our normal activities, spend more time with family and friends, and cheers to the warm summer months. However, if we keep doing our part, it will make a difference in lessening the future impact of COVID-19 on our communities.

Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe.