Legion unveils 'Tap and Tribute' poppy campaign with Remembrance Day fast approaching


It's almost time to honour the women and men who made the ultimate sacrifice for Canadians' freedom.

Chair of Ontario's Provincial Poppy Campaign, Brian Harris, says they will have 250 tap-enabled donation boxes for people to use their debt or credit cards to make a $2 donation for a poppy.

The new program is called 'Tap and Tribute' and will cater to residents who don't carry cash, or who are trying to physical distance as much as possible.

Harris says you will see less volunteers stationed in stores given the pandemic, but more stores will ask if you would like to make a donation when you check out.

Poppies should be worn from the last Friday of October to sunset on Remembrance Day on your left side, preferably over your heart.

Remembrance Day is next Wednesday.

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