LemonAID Day raises $85,000 for FACS Niagara to send kids to camp


FACS Niagara are celebrating a successful LemonAID Day.

The inaugural fundraiser back on June 12th featured kids setting up lemonade stands across the region was able to raise $85,000.

The money will help some 400 children camp experiences this summer.

"We could not have asked for a better outcome of the first annual Mountainview LemonAID Day," says Mark Basciano, President of Mountainview Building Group. "The funds raised through this initiative will support deserving kids in Niagara, and we want the community to know how big of an impact they have made." 

Anna Bozza, Executive Director of FACS Niagara says, "After two long pandemic years, children and youth in Niagara deserve the opportunity to get back to the business of childhood, which is learning, exploring and having fun with their friends." 

Planning for the 2023 Mountainview LemonAID Day is underway as the FACS Niagara Foundation says they are looking to build on the success of this year's event.