Lincoln's mayor interested to receive legal advice on former CAO's hiring

CKTB - News - Sandra Easton

Lincoln's mayor is encouraging people to continue talking about the Ombudsman's report into the hiring process for the region's former CAO.

The report entitled 'Inside Job' details the hiring process where Carmen D'Angelo was given confidential information including questions, suggested answers, and information about his fellow candidates.

Paul Dube called the hiring process 'unreasonable, unjust, and wrong'

Lincoln Mayor and regional councillor Sandra Easton, who also sat on the hiring committee, says we should all be 'grossly bothered' by what happened.

"Because it demonstrates to all of us the effort that the Ombudsman's people had to go through to get to the bottom of information. There's been a lot of lying that's been going on." She says. "The fact is, it's very clear they went through different stages and they asked questions, got answers, investigated those answers, in many cases found different data, went back, asked more questions, and got a different tone or different response. And I think that is the part of it that is so disturbing. It is that level of breaking down trust time and time again."

Regional councillors will be meeting Thursday to publicly speak about the report.

"I just think the most interesting conversation will be receiving the legal advice on whether or not we have options ahead of us." Easton says.

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