Living wage in Niagara now sits at $20.35/hr


The new living wage in Niagara is now $20.35 an hour.

Ontario Living Wage Network says the calculations are based on the real costs to live in the region.

Click HERE to listen to Craig Pickthorne discuss the living wage on Niagara in the Morning.

The latest report says the costs to shelter a family of four in the region is now over $21,000 a year.

They add that food costs have gone up to over $12,000 for that same family of four.

That is a 10% increase over 2022 and it is expected to rise another 5-7% this year.

There are 91 certified living wage employers in the region including the City of St. Catharines.

View the complete calculations at's_Living_Wages_-_2023.pdf?1699276527