Loaded gun found in St. Catharines after car crash

st cath gun

A 20 yr old St. Catharines man is facing charges after a gun was found near the scene of a crash.

Early Saturday morning just before 6:30 a.m. a car slammed into a parked park in the area of Meredith Drive near Rendale Avenue .

Three people, who were in the car which hit the other, were taken to hospital.

Officers found a loaded gun hidden by a nearby home close to the scene of the crash.

While at the hospital, officers formed grounds to believe the male driver had been in possession of the firearm and he was arrested.  

He was later released from medical care and transported to the NRPS Prisoner Management Unit in Niagara Falls.

20 yr old Daniel Grant of St. Catharines is facing a long list of charges including possession of a restricted firearm without holding a license.

The two passengers of the Honda Civic were both released from medical care without serious injuries.

Damage to the Honda Civic was estimated at $20,000.

Damage to the Toyota Tundra was estimated at $5,000.