Local animal rescue group sees increased donations in light of Betty White Challenge

Andrea Hilderman from Tails of Freedom Rescue holds cat Eli, who is waiting on a medical procedure

A local animal rescue group is seeing increased donations in light of Golden Girl Betty White’s birthday challenge to donate to animal shelters.

The challenge has gone viral across North America, with many animal welfare organizations hoping for a boost in donations on the day that would have been White’s 100th birthday.

“We put out sort of our own version of the challenge on our Facebook page. The Pet Value in Selkirk is actually collecting donations on our behalf in the month of January in her honour,” said Andrea Hilderman from Tails of Freedom Rescue.

“It’s a great opportunity for our supporters to continue donate to us and keep us doing the good work we try to do day in day out.”

Hilderman said donations are starting to roll in.

Tails of Freedom Rescue was formed in 2018, with a goal of rescuing stray or unwanted cats and dogs within Manitoba.

The organization takes animals out of difficult or dire situations and places them in foster homes while they get necessary veterinary care. Once healthy, spayed or neutered animals are placed in forever homes.

The pandemic has posed challenges for many non-profits, including Tails of Freedom Rescue, by limiting many in-person events due to pandemic restrictions.

However, Hilderman said increased use of virtual meetings has made some of the organization’s work a little easier.

“It actually made it a bit of a boon for us. Meeting cats and dogs became a lot easier both for fosters and adopters so, we’ve done very well throughout the whole COVID crisis,” said Hilderman.

To make a donation head to the Tails of Freedom Rescue Facebook page or you can contact the organization directly.