Local leader welcomes Mary Simon's appointment as Governor General

CKTB - NEWS - Mary Simon

A local advocate for Indigenous issues welcomes the announcement of Canada's next Governor General.

Inuk leader Mary Simon will serve as Canada's 30th Governor General after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the announcement yesterday.

She will be the first Indigenous person to take on the role.

Co-host of One Dish One Mic Karl Dockstader applauded Simon's decision to begin her introductory remarks in Inuktitut.

"I think that there's a lot of opportunity to really start to put a face and some words and some language to understanding why language is so under threat. And then how that can be a tool to undo some of the effects of colonialism. 

Simon has been a long-time advocate for Inuit rights and culture and worked as a CBC radio host.

Dockstader says he believes Simon will do a fantastic job. "I'll be curious to see how this sort of plays out, if this changes some perceptions. In terms of the political framing, I still sort of go back to that. How much of this is political framing? Because it's still, at the end of the day, the reason that Mary Simon can't have an opinion is because it's a political figurehead position, and not necessarily much more than that outside of the symbolism."