Fort Erie company becomes Niagara's tenth certified Living Wage Employer

CKTB - NEWS - Person Centred Care

Another Niagara company will be giving their employees a living wage.

Person Centered Care out of Fort Erie supports people of all ages with a range of vulnerabilities including developmental disabilities, mental health, dual diagnosis, and the elderly.

The Chair of The Niagara Poverty Reduction Network Glen Walker says the company is Niagara's tenth certified Living Wage Employer.

"I talked to Alyshia Meredith, the founder, she was really saying, 'We're here in Fort Erie and we know that when we're paying a wage to our employees, these people are spending money locally. It's stimulating our local economy."

Currently, the Fort Erie company employes fourteen full time and eleven part time staff.

Walker says implementing a living wage helps both the employees and the employers.

"Basically what they were looking at is how can we recognize the talent of our staff, how can we retain staff, and create a competitive employment environment. So when they're recruiting, if you're saying this is an entry level position and we're paying a living wage versus minimum, you're going to attract a larger group of recruits and then it gives you the opportunity to recruit the type of quality employee that you want."

The living wage is a voluntary commitment employers make to pay more than the legislated minimum wage.

The 2018 living wage in Niagara was set at $17.99 per hour.