Latest Niagara garbage collection update shows 4,000 households being missed per day


The latest update on garbage collection in Niagara is far from encouraging.

Associate Director of Waste Collection and Diversion Operations Allison Tyldesley provided an update to the Regional Public Works Committee.

"Emterra has not been able to fully complete collection 10 of the last 15 collection days. There are, on average, over 4,000 households being missed every day and being collected on the subsequent day. Emterra has not collected a total of over 40,000 households on the regular collection day in the last three week period."

Tyldesley did mention Emterra, the company responsible for waste collection, has tried to bolster staffing numbers by offering an incentive program, but they are still short on drivers.

At the beginning of the year, Canada Waste Management Inc. took over collection in Lincoln and West Lincoln to help ease Emterra's load - they have only fallen behind twice since February.

Regional Councillor and Pelham Mayor Marvin Junkin wondered if splitting off more areas could help.

"Maybe because it wouldn't be so big, we could have someone who could come in and bid for half of the region and get us through this, because with this problem now I hate to see what's going to happen in the wintertime. It's just going to be a disaster."

In July of last year, the company was given formal notice to improve service or they'd be replaced. 

Regional staff are expected to bring forward recommendations at a later date.