BREAKING | GO service on hold in Niagara

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Metrolinx  has sent a letter to Niagara Region saying the "delivery process for new GO stations, including Grimsby GO" has been stopped while it looks for "third party partners."

The government has  asked  Metrolinx to look into the feasibility of a "market driven approach to delivering transit infastructure."

Niagara  MPP Wayne Gates says it's an approach being proposed for the new Mimico GO station.

Metrolinx is in negotiations with a real estate developer who owns the land to  the north of the existing Mimico GO.

Under the plan, the developer would construct the main building and parking.

In return, it would get the right to develop above the station as part of mixed use development.

Gates say it might be a good idea as long as it doesn't hold up timelines for GO coming to Niagara.

Outgoing Grimsby mayor Bob Bentley says it could have a tremendous opportunity for Niagara or it could be a nightmare if they put  it in a place where it won't fit.

Bentley say more detail is needed.