Confusion remains over vaccine changes for truck drivers


Confusion over whether truckers would remain exempt from the vaccine mandate last week came after bureaucrats misinterpreted policy in more than one federal agency -- including the one that co-ordinates Canada's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The trucking industry was caught by surprise on January 12th when the Canada Border Services Agency sent a statement to media saying unvaccinated truckers crossing into Canada from the United States would remain exempt from a vaccine mandate due to take effect three days later.
Ottawa reversed itself again the next afternoon, saying the statement on unvaccinated truck drivers had been sent in error and the restrictions would go ahead.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said this week his government had been consistent on the policy, describing the mix-up as a miscommunication by ``an official.''
The Canadian Press has learned that the border service agency issued the statement only after consulting with the Public Health Agency of Canada, which had drafted a similar memo saying that unvaccinated Canadian truckers would not need to test and quarantine.
Government sources who spoke to The Canadian Press say the problem stemmed from confusion over federal government rules.