Lincoln receives court injunction to stop work on Frost Rd. property


The town of Lincoln has received a court-ordered injunction to stop work on a property on Frost Road.

Two officials say they took action after recent site alteration activities on the property.

"We are aware that the recent activity has contributed to the increase in truck traffic in the core of Beamsville and have taken those steps available to us to address this situation."

The town says it is taking the matter very seriously and undertaking the proper legal process to ensure a fair outcome that serves the Lincoln community.

"Once issues were identified resulting from the activity at the property and on Town roads, the Town proactively attended at the site, and worked with our legal team to ensure we proceeded down the best path for the protection of our residents. In doing that, we sought and obtained a Court-ordered injunction on September 21, 2021, which has now stopped the work at the property."

A further court hearing is scheduled to be heard in December.

The town did not disclose what kind of work was being done at the rural property.