One Niagara community approves a 40km/hr speed limit pilot project

Lincoln Road by Arena

One Niagara community is taking aim at speeding vehicles in its community.

Lincoln councillors have approved the '40 km Neighbourhood Area Speed Limit Implementation Pilot Project.'

Qualified streets will have the speed limit dropped from 50 km/hr to 40 km/hr.

Streets and roads which qualify for the program has a traffic volume of less than 400 Average Annual Daily Traffic Value within an urban boundary area, and provides access to residential neighbourhoods and subdivisions.

Council has also directed staff to report back on implementing more speed limit reductions in Lincoln.

“The Town has developed an Active Transportation Network that supports the Council priority of a connected community,” said Town of Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton.  “The consultation process with our local partners was vital in collecting the essential data to develop a plan grounded in best practices and meets community needs and increases public safety.”

“Community safety is a priority for the Town of Lincoln,” said Michael Kirkopoulos, Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Lincoln.  “With the changing needs of the community, and more residents choosing active transportation, it is important that we stay current with our approach to road safety.”