Union says employees at NPCA describe workplace as toxic


The Ontario Public Service Employees Union is calling on the province, the Niagara Region, municipal governments and senior management at the NPCA to take steps to address what it calls an unhealthy workplace.

The union citing a survey done this year of employees with the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority that found 87 per cent of respondents agreed  the organization tolerates behaviour that is harmful to mental health.

Eighty per cent said they had witnessed offensive behaviours such as undesired sexual attention, threats of violence, bullying, and discrimination.

And 55 per cent of respondents described the workplace as "toxic."

In a release the union says "We are asking the municipal and regional councillors who appoint NPCA Board members to encourage them to demand accountability from NPCA senior management for their refusal to adequately address their unhealthy workplace."

OPSEU also wants the province to temporarily appoint a supervisor to oversee operations at the NPCA in order to "restore accountablity and trust."

You can find the entire release here: https://opseu.org/news/opseu-speaks-out-about-npcas-unhealthy-workplace