Major waste collector says any mixed recycling will go to the landfill

CKTB-News- Recycling

We are beginning to feel the effects of China's decision to stop accepting Canada's trash.

Waste Connections of Canada, a major waste collector, has notified its institutional, commerical and industrial clients any mixed recycling will go to a landfill.

Clients in the Hamilton region, including McMaster University were told in June, any mixed materials that are dropped in one recycling bin will go straight to the dump.

China used to accept what's known in the industry as commingle or single stream recycling.

But early last year, China adopted strict new rules on the types of recycling products it would accept from North America.

The Ontario government, meanwhile, has announced plans to make major changes to recycling programs, putting manufacturers on the hook for repurposing their products.

The changes are expected to be phased in beginning in 2023.