Manitoba allowing restaurant patios to reopen tomorrow

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People in some provinces will enjoy more freedom Monday as restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic are loosened.

But the change is leaving some people scrambling to adapt.

Manitoba is allowing many non-essential businesses, restaurant patios, museums, campgrounds and other facilities to reopen.

And they all face strict rules that limit the number of customers and require hand sanitizer and other protection.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business says some businesses may not reopen right away as they get safety measures in place.

Manitoba campgrounds are being reopened, and among the new rules is a requirement for campers to bring their own toilet paper.

Alberta has told dentists, physiotherapists and other medical professionals they can start operating again tomorrow. 

The Saskatchewan government is allowing dentists, optometrists and other medical providers to restart Monday, and is also opening fishing shoreline areas and boat launches.

Quebec is letting retail stores outside the Montreal area reopen Monday.

Here in Ontario, a small list of businesses will reopen tomorrow, with certain restrictions in place.

Those in the Montreal area will have the right to operate a week later.