Marineland reportedly takes first step to sell theme park after years of rumours

Marineland pic from Road bonnie

It looks like Marineland wants to put the Niagara Falls theme park on the market.

Marineland has registered to lobby the Ontario government with the goal of selling the park.

The park's long-time lawyer, says in Ontario's lobbyist registry, that one of the goals of the attraction is its sale.

Andrew Burns says in the registry that the park is looking for potential zoning changes to allow for development.

He says the park is also looking for potential financial support and tax relief for development of its operations.

Last month charges against the park were dropped by the crown after it was accused of running illegal dolphin shows over the summer.

In September, Marineland agreed to relocate its walruses after a long dispute with a local activist. The park also settled its legal dispute with Phil Demers.

There has been speculation for years the park would sell given frequent legal disputes, allegations of animal abuse, and weekly protests.

(With Files from the Canadian Press)