Masks to be mandatory at Brock in all instructional spaces


Masks will be mandatory at Brock University when classes begin in September. 

The policy, which begins Tuesday, Sept. 6, mandates that masks be worn in all instructional spaces, including classrooms, lecture halls, seminars, teaching labs and other spaces when teaching by instructors is taking place.

Brock is strongly recommending masks be worn everywhere else on campus.

Brock’s Interim President and Vice-Chancellor Lynn Wells tells CKTB the university has worked closely with the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

"We hope there won't be a bad surge this fall, but there is an anticipation that there will be another wave of this thing probably coming through in the fall. So we want to do what we can at Brock to contribute to lessening the spread of COVID-19."

Masks worn must be medical grade. Buffs, gaiters and bandanas will not satisfy the masking policy requirement at Brock. 

The university will provide medical masks, including KN95s, to all staff and faculty who want them.

"We will be making masks available to our employees," says Wells, adding masks will not be provided for students. 

"Obviously we have to watch our pennies at the university, so we want to make sure we're not giving out a lot of masks that we need to pay for out of people's tuition money."

Brock’s vaccination requirement remains paused.