Mayor Bylsma's comments resurface; council votes to get integrity commissioner involved


Another hot topic during tonight's Niagara Regional Council meeting was reaction to comments made - on this radio station - by West Lincoln Mayor Dave Bylsma.

Bylsma, who is also the National President of the Christian Heritage Party, came under fire for comments made during an interview on the township's failure to fly the Pride flag at the beginning of June.

He asked 'what the LGBTQ, and Black communities are still fighting for...asking haven't they won?'

Two delegates spoke on the issue: Haley Bateman and Vicki-Lynn Smith.

St. Catharines resident Haley Bateman, who ran unsuccessfully for Regional Council in the last election, said she doesn't feel safe when she says Mayor Bylsma.

Vicki-Lynn Smith, a member of the Niagara Anti-Racism coalition, called Bylsma "a racist and a bigot".

Councillor Kelly Edgar brought forward a motion to have Bylsma apologize.

Bylsma says his comments were on flag raisings in general, and apologized to anyone who may have misunderstood him.

Council voted to refer the situation to the integrity commissioner, with many councillors claiming they had not heard the interview.

You can read the original story on the interview, and hear the audio here.