Mayor of St. Catharines calls for Australian wine boycott

CKTB - News - walter Sendzik

The Mayor of St. Catharines is calling for a boycott of Australian wines after a trade dispute.

The Canadian government had previously scrapped an excise tax for winemakers to boost domestic sales, but Australian officials took issue with the exemption.

The Aussies brought the issue before the World Trade Organization, and now Canadian wine makers are preparing for the tax to be reinstated in 2022.

Sendzik says the move could be devastating for Ontario's wine makers.

"This issue does have a potential to have a negative impact and potentially drive some of those wineries out of business because it could increase the cost of a bottle by 50 cents per bottle, and on a small to medium sized winery that could be the breaking point for not being able to stay in business."

He encourages people to buy Niagara wine and calls on the federal government to step up.