Mayor says resources are being offered to homeless who have set up tent city in St.Catharines

tent city gen

Police have been informed about a tent city of homeless people who have set up an encampment in St.Catharines.

Mayor Walter Sendzik says police, and various agencies have been alerted to the tent city at Centennial Gardens Park.

He says once Out of the Cold Programs end, you start to see homeless people finding shelter elsewhere.

Sendzik says resources will be offered to these residents including C.O.A.S.T and Out of the Heat, which will start up July 1st.

Out of the Heat offers homeless people a place to sleep and get out of the hot summer weather at St.Geroge's Church.

Sendzik says he understands that area residents are concerned, and he admits it is a struggle.

He says the lack of affordable housing is a province-wide issue, and the city continues to work on getting all residents in the city a roof over their heads.

Area residents have voiced their concern over safety, and discarded needles in the area by the Totem Pole.

A fundraiser will be held this Saturday for Out of the Heat at Warehouse in St. Catharines.

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