Mayors and OMA reacts to Canada border reopening to vaccinated Americans in 3 weeks time

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We are getting reaction on the Canadian government's decision to open the border to U.S residents who are fully vaccinated on August 9th.

Click here to see full details on today's announcement. 

President of the Ontario Medical Association Adam Kassan tells CKTB the reopening plan is encouraging, and he is happy it includes a double vaccination requirement.

"What we are seeing in the United States, we are seeing rising case numbers and hospitalizations in unvaccinated populations, and in states where they vaccination rates are still wanting. What that means for us here is that we need to keep our foot on the gas even though we are doing pretty good. We need to get as many needles in arms in as many people as possible, and that's what we will continue to advocate for."

Niagara's border Mayors are also reacting to the federal government's announcement.

Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati calls it great news, "domestic tourism is great, but it's just not enough. Americans spend two to one to what an Ontario tourist spends. Our business model is built around the idea of American tourists coming in, accounting for 50% of the revenue.

Fort Erie Mayor Wayne Redekop says he is also pleased with the plan and would like to see the U.S come out with one well.

"I think it's helpful that we have some indication of what's happening moving forward. It's pretty much in line with discussions the border mayors have had. It makes a lot of sense to me what the government is doing."