Meet the first Indigenous judge to be appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada


The newest member of the Supreme Court of Canada says her journey has not been an easy one, but it has been meaningful and rewarding.

Members of the legal community and Michelle O'Bonsawin's fellow judges welcomed her to the bench in a ceremony today.

O'Bonsawin, who replaced the retiring Michael Moldaver on Sept. 1, is a bilingual Franco-Ontarian and an Abenaki member of the Odanak First Nation.

O'Bonsawin says she is a big believer that if a person has a goal, works hard and never gives up, they can achieve their dreams.

She adds that while she has made mistakes and fallen down, those missteps have been her teacher.

Richard Wagner, the chief justice of Canada, praises O'Bonsawin's generosity and volunteer activities, noting she shares his passion for open courts, access to justice and education.