Ministry of Health confirms 441 more cases of COVID-19 in Ontario


Ontario's Ministry of Health has confirmed 441 more cases of COVID-19, the highest number of new cases since May 8th.

The province has had 24,628 cases of the virus so far.

18,767 patients have recovered.

Of the 24,628 cases, 4,711 cases are residents of long-term care homes, and 1,623 are health care workers associated with long-term care homes.

A total of 2,021 patients with COVID-19 have died, 1,262 of them were residents of long-term care homes.

Four long-term care home healthcare workers have died.

The total number of deaths is up 23 from yesterday.

The number of tests completed since yesterday is 11,276, which is still well short of the province's capacity of over 21,000 per day.

Chief medical officer of health Dr. David Williams has said the numbers are in a plateau, and called it disappointing.

See today's data below, followed by yesterday's.