Missing eight year old boy in Grimsby found safe


A heart-warming story of a missing eight year old boy found safe in Grimsby.

Niagara Regional Police were called to the Beamer Conservation Area Trail at 3:50pm in response to a missing person. 

Officers arrived and were told that an eight year old boy was last seen running Northbound on the trail towards the end of the hike, near Gibson Street.

With daylight fading, the Marine Unit, K-9 Unit, and other uniform patrol members were called in to assist. 

Multiple hikers in the area volunteered to stay on the trail and search. 

Local residents were contacted and told police they hadn't seen the boy reach the end of the trail. 

After a lengthy search, a resident in the area of Main Street West in Grimsby contacted police and let them know that a young boy had knocked on their door saying he was lost.

Officers confirmed it was the missing child, and he was returned to his mother healthy and in good spirits!