More online fundraisers started after major fire in Virgil

notl fire

More online fundraisers continue to crop up after a terrible fire in Niagara-On-The-Lake.

At least five GoFundMe campaigns have been started as people share their grief over what was lost.

In one campaign started by Kyle Vanderheiden, organizers write, "I recently changed career paths and thousands of dollars worth of automotive technician tools (all my own money invested) were moved into the shop for safe keeping."

Another campaign called "Help Doug & Todd Gordon After Devastating Fire" says, "They lost everything in the blaze that [they] need to conduct business. If your [sic] in the racing community I'm sure that at some point either Doug or Todd has been there to lend you a helping hand."

The damage estimate for Tuesday's fire comes in at $2.5 million.

The building in Virgil had been sectioned off into several storage areas, hobby shops, mechanic shops, and other businesses.

Other fundraisers include "Help Jeff and friends from barn fire," "Help get back on track," and "NOTL Coops Fire Relief."