Morning show host Tim Denis shares personal journey with prostate cancer


Many of our listeners have been wondering where our long-time morning show host Tim Denis has been.

Recently Tim's mother passed away, and although he did take some time off to grieve and make arrangements, there is another reason for his absence.

He joined Matt Holmes on Niagara In The Morning to share a very personal journey.

"As some people probably knew, a couple of weeks ago my mum passed and we went through all that," he explains."So I was off for a few days for that regardless, but prior to that happening a couple of month ago I had done what most gentlemen should do at some point or another these days, which is get a PSA test. And I know there's some controversy about whether they are accurate or not, but I can tell you one thing - if something is a little awry it can tell you, and it told my doctor that something was little off. So they continued to look and we did some more tests and a biopsy and I was diagnosed with having a cancer of the prostate. And so we had booked a surgery and it just turned out that everything happened at once and the surgery that had been booked was pretty well the day after my mother's funeral."

Tim says the surgery seemed to go well, and he is now at home recovering. He hopes to be back in the host chair very soon.

"So guys if you're even hesitating for a moment, I know its an uncomfortable thing to talk about sometimes, but don't let it be that way." he urges. "It's your life your talking about here and the lives of your family members and kids and everybody else that are involved so. It's something you've got to do and if Movember does anything else maybe its the other people in their lives, their friends and girlfriends and boyfriends and wives that can get on them and say now is the time! Just bloody well do it."