MPP Oosterhoff says he's sorry and should have been wearing a mask

sam oosterhoff

Conservative Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff faced online criticism after posting a picture of a gathering of around 40 people this weekend.

Oosterhoff posted the pictures, but quickly deleted them, following backlash over the amount of people, and the lack of masks and physical distancing.

When asked for a comment, Oosterhoff's staff reminded us that Ontario has a monitored gathering limit of 50 in staffed locations.

He says it was an event at a staffed banquet hall, with under 50 people, including 5 tables distanced and limited to under ten people at each.

Oosterhoff does say he should have worn a mask when the group took the quick picture, given the proximity of everyone, and he apologized for failing to do so.

Niagara and the rest of Ontario are seeing numbers of COVID spike with almost 40 new cases reported in the region this weekend, and over 1000 new cases across the province Sunday.

CKTB has blurred images of people in the photo to protect privacy