MPP says some Niagara residents are waiting close to a year for MRI

Wayne Gates hydro

Niagara Falls NDP MPP Wayne Gates is speaking out on MRI wait-times in Niagara once again.

Gates has sent a letter to the Health Minister with an urgent request from Niagara Health to fund a third MRI machine and operating hours to provide 16 hours of service, 7 days per week. 

He says wait-times have severely increased and residents are facing unreasonable waits as their health deteriorates.

At the start of the year there was an average 135 day wait for an MRI, but since the pandemic paused non-urgent MRI's the wait-list has grown to an average of 360 days. 

"Simply put, residents cannot wait this long for what could be potentially life saving information. Beyond the life saving medical information this can provide, it would alleviate the stress that many residents go through while waiting for the outcome of these tests."

Gates says Niagara Health has reached out to the Ministry of Health more than once with the request for operational funding but has yet to receive a definitive answer.