MPs using virtual sittings to  do things not allowed in House of Commons


A stuffed deer head made a cameo appearance today during a virtual gathering of members of Parliament.

The deer head, replete with antlers, was mounted on the wall behind Conservative MP Blaine Calkins as he questioned the government on what he called its ``forced confiscation of law-abiding firearms owners' property.''

Were MPs actually sitting in the House of Commons, they'd be banned from using any props or visual displays to underscore their messages.

Commons Speaker Anthony Rota has expressed concern about MPs using the virtual setting to break the rules of decorum that normally apply.

He warned one Conservative MP today not to interrupt a minister's response to a question and said he may have to use the mute button to deal with the problem.

That prompted Conservative Michelle Rempel Garner to say Rota was being ``a little dictatorial'' given that the virtual meetings of the House of Commons during the COVID-19 pandemic are structured like committee meetings, which typically allow MPs more freedom to cut off lengthy answers.